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ShapeShift Introduces New Membership Program for Users

Loyalty program provides perks including higher trading limits, better exchange rates and more


Zug, Switzerland (Sept. 4, 2018) — ShapeShift AG, one of the world’s leading blockchain asset companies, today introduced a new membership program, providing users with significant benefits and a better overall user experience.

Users can choose from five membership levels, with level 1 available now, and levels 2-5 expected later this year. Benefits vary per level and are immediately available upon acquiring a membership. Benefits, depending on level, may include higher trading limits, rewards on trading volume, better pricing, private market and trade data, and early access to new coins, products and services. In addition, through their account portal, users will have access to new features such as transaction history, trade shortcuts and more personalized customer service.

“Membership is, in essence, an advanced loyalty program,” said Erik Voorhees, Founder and CEO of ShapeShift. “It will lead over time both to better pricing and a superior user experience.”

The ShapeShift Membership will be represented by tokens, which will have a number of features and functions when they become available, with a standard Ethereum-based token (symbol: FOX). Level 1 Membership is free, and users will be able to upgrade to levels 2-5 for by possessing FOX tokens. Members will be able to earn FOX tokens with rewards on trade volumes, and through various giveaways and promotions. These tokens will represent only the means to acquire a ShapeShift Membership and the related membership benefits and will not be an investment in the company: they carry no management or voting interest in ShapeShift AG, pay no dividends, have no price appreciation or profit guarantee, and do not represent equity in any form.

Membership requires verification of basic customer information, and while currently optional, it will be required to utilize ShapeShift’s exchange services later this year.
“Although the collection of personal information is necessary in this instance, this does not change the company’s view on the overall importance of financial privacy,” said Voorhees. “ Individuals, regardless of their race, religion, or nationality, deserve the right to financial privacy, just as they deserve the right to privacy in their thoughts, in their relationships, and in their communications. We remain committed to that cause.”

Current Level 1 Membership benefits include:

  • $10,000 maximum transaction sizes ($5,000 for non-Members)
  • 0.05% bonus on all volume (paid in FOX and distributed in Q4)

The first 100,000 users to sign up for Level 1 Membership will receive 100 FOX tokens as a bonus.

“We believe tokenizing the usage of a service represents an intriguing new form of customer interaction, which is why we created the Membership program,” said Voorhees. “We’re excited to see how this concept of tokenized membership evolves.”

For more information, visit Visit to register for ShapeShift Membership.

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